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Welcome to the Alfanatics site…where we love our Alfa’s! 5 guys, 5 Alfa’s and a lot of things to say about Alfa Romeo (and some other stuff too). Goat, Big Mac, Stalliano, D Mac and Horatio are the guys behind Alfanatics, bringing their real-life experiences about Alfa’s having driven them for years. To the D Mac, having recently entered the realm of ALFISTI, and to all our visitors… Benvenuto/Welcome

The funny thing about Alfa’s

Posted by Stalliano On August - 11 - 2015ADD COMMENTS

“Hi, I’m Stalliano, and I drive an Alfa. My GT is my second Alfa and we’ve been together for close on 6.5 years now. We’ve had our ups-and-downs, but for the most part, we’re given one-another mutual respect and love. Sure, there’s been times when we haven’t seen eye-to-eye, but we always manage to get past our indifferences”…geez, sometimes telling someone that you own and an Alfa, feels like you’re confessing to a relationship counsellor... (more...)


Posted by Eddy On August - 11 - 20152 COMMENTS

Across the length and breadth of Southern Africa, I truly believe there is only one place that adequately portraits the evolution of the automobile, a place nestled adjacent to the Groot Drakenstein Mountains near Franschhoek in the Western Cape, a place resting on the L’Ormarins Wine Estate, this is the place home to the renown Franschhoek Motor Museum, undeniably a perfect setting for a perfect collection. The Franschhoek Motor Museum had its origin in one man’s enduring passion for... (more...)

Alfa Romeo 4 C LE – The Run Down

Posted by D-Mac On September - 8 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

This article was a very hard one to write. This is attributed to the shear jaw dropping, monstrous jealousy and all out awe of the awesomeness in terms of what it means to have pre-orderd an Alfa Romeo 4C Launch Edition (LE). The backstory behind these statements is as follows: Sitting at work, call a guy about a report, end up speaking about Alfa (much like all my conversations), mentions his mate just pre-ordered a 4C LE, pause work, pause breathing, pause life, listen carefully (more…)  Read More →

Reader Stories : Alfa Romeo 164 QV

Posted by Goat On June - 2 - 20142 COMMENTS

We recently received a nice email from an Alfantics reader, detailing his latest acquisition, we love hearing from you guys and seeing the passion for the Alfa brand so alive, see his mail below: “Its been a while since I sent something in but after recently letting go of my ’06 159 Q4 I had the pleasure of bringing our 1971 Giulia Super out of hibernation while I was looking for a new Alfa here in Cape Town. I was on the search for a nice, clean and well looked after 155 Sport but it just... (more...)

Once again we have come across something rather special , a very rare Alfa Romeo Squadra Corse 147 GTA “CUP” that was used in the South African Production car race series, it brings a tear of joy to our eyes. There is a plus this time though, it can be YOURS, if we had the means this would be parked snuggly in our garage, have a look below: Rare offer: One of 3 147 GTA Cup cars imported to South Africa by Alfa Romeo S.A for the 2002/2003 South African Production Car Championship. These... (more...)

Alfa Romeo History : The Birth Of the Giulietta

Posted by Goat On March - 24 - 20141 COMMENT

It’s no secret we love our Alfa Romeo’s both old and new, one of our most favourites and iconic Alfa Romeo’s of all time and the car which arguably cemented Alfa Romeo’s place amongst the times elite was the original 50′s Giulietta . We invite you to take a trip down memory lane with us and enjoy the following series on the Birth of the Giulietta : Part 1 : Presentation of the car Part 2 : First Production of the Giulietta Sprint Part 3 : Production up-scaling Part 4 : Designing... (more...)

Alfa Romeo and Woman

Posted by Stalliano On March - 21 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

I bought my first Alfa 7 years ago; a dark blue 156 with 60k km on the clock. She had been on the auction-house floor for a couple of months, no one interested in her and partly neglected. In a way, she reminded me of the early years of varsity; one girl in the background who only needed some coercing before she was brought into the open for everyone to see and admire because she’s so fine – kinda like this example, cast you minds back to the movie She’s All That when the nerdy... (more...)

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider- Geneva Motor Show 2014

Posted by Horatio On March - 12 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

While browsing the web I came across these photos of the new Alfa Romeo 4C Spider at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. I wont  waste my time trying find words to do justice to the images below…ENJOY! (images from     Read More →

Best Roads for a Cruise

Posted by D-Mac On November - 19 - 20131 COMMENT

I’m pretty sure other Alfanatics out there have this thought in their minds once an a while, if i had the money, the time, which roads across the world would be the most thrilling and enjoyable to go for an afternoon cruise. I did a little searching and these are the few I found that stood out. What was quite interesting is that I have already driven on some of these, well in the virtual world in games like Grand Theft Auto, Need for Speed and other simulator type games (more…)  Read More →

Reader Stories – In Durban and turning heads…

Posted by Stalliano On August - 25 - 2013ADD COMMENTS

We received an email earlier this week from Poovan in Durban, who owns a stunning Giulietta! He’s done 25,000km in this beauty and had this to say about his baby!! The first day I came home with her (here in Durban) a gorgeous 8c Red Giulietta, I can still remember how all the heads turned as I drove around that day.It was like nothing they’d ever seen before. A taxi driver stopped in awww, people were clapping saying “what a car!”. A guy walking his dog just stopped to admire... (more...)