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Welcome to the Alfanatics site…where we love our Alfa’s! 5 guys, 5 Alfa’s and a lot of things to say about Alfa Romeo (and some other stuff too). Goat, Big Mac, Stalliano, D Mac and Horatio are the guys behind Alfanatics, bringing their real-life experiences about Alfa’s having driven them for years. To the D Mac, having recently entered the realm of ALFISTI, and to all our visitors… Benvenuto/Welcome

MiTo Cabriolet – Sneak Peak

Posted by D-Mac On October - 16 - 20124 COMMENTS

So what’s next for the MiTo you might ask? It was discussed in a previous article that it might be revamped with a GTA spec version which was the original intention but now it seems that Alfa Romeo are secretly designing a MiTo Cabriolet. What was a secret within the Alfa HQ has slowly leaked, much like any secret, onto the internet. It is presumed that it will go on sale in about 16 months from now. (more…)  Read More →

MiTo GTA – Will it be!?

Posted by Stalliano On October - 3 - 20122 COMMENTS

The modern day PC is a marvel; it allows us to communicate with one another, it entertains us with video games, music and movies. We use it to read news, access sport-scores and results, not to mention access the latest amazing articles on!! The PC is an extension of ourselves in a sense; its an electronic copy if you will. We all have loads of data stored on laptops, external hard-drives, USB’s, iCloud’s etc. No matter who you are, you have an electronic extension... (more...)

Alfa 147 GTA : Top Gear

Posted by D-Mac On September - 26 - 20126 COMMENTS

I have probably watched this video more than I have combed my hair in my life and every time I watch it, it just keeps getting better!  Read More →

Alfa Romeo 4c Wins Prestigious Design Award

Posted by Big Mac On September - 26 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

If there was any doubt that the 4c is one of the most beautiful cars ever created, let it be forgotten. Alfa has once again proven that this brand of car is as much renowned for artistry as it is for engineering excellence. They did it again at one of the most prestigious automotive events on the calendar, the Concorso d’Eleganza at Villa d’Este, hosted at the picturesque Lake Como, Italy. This annual event showcases the latest and greatest examples of design from the manufacturers... (more...)

Alfa Romeo’s History – YouTube Style

Posted by Stalliano On September - 23 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

I love YouTube! It’s such an awesome entertainment medium that you can use to literally spend hours watching any and every kind of clip that you want! Naturally, I spend most of my time on YouTube searching for Alfa Romeo related clips and today I found a great video created by the Alfa Club in Poland. It’s an amazing celebration of Alfa Romeo’s history and I thought that I’d share, so enjoy…  Read More →

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Summer tests in South Africa

Posted by Stalliano On September - 22 - 20121 COMMENT

While surfing the web earlier, and I came across three rather interesting video’s of a what Alfa Romeo labeled as their ”Alfa Romeo Giulietta Summer tests in South Africa”. From what we understand and can be seen, Alfa carried out quite a few intensive tests on the new Giulietta, here on our own shores, as part of the cars pre mass-production field tests. As you can tell, these tests were carried out even prior to the 2010 world cup, so testing on the new Giulietta was done with... (more...)

Alfa Romeo in the Movies – Wayne’s World 2

Posted by Big Mac On September - 17 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

Wayne’s World! Wayne’s World! Party On! Excellent! One of the funniest movies ever, this sequel had me in stitches from start to finish. But who could forget the ultimate ‘Schwiiing!’ moment when Wayne himself climbs into an Alfa Romeo Spider to save the day and rescue his girlfriend Cassandra. (more…)  Read More →

Win an Advanced Driving Course

Posted by Big Mac On September - 17 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

Our friends at CMH FIAT and Alfa Romeo in Hatfield, Pretoria have put together a great opportunity to experience the thrill of driving an Alfa (or FIAT) in an advanced driving course. Take one of these magnificent cars around a track while being encouraged to drive like a maniac? This is an opportunity too good to miss. Lucky for us they have made it nice and easy. All we have to do is ‘like’ their facebook page and we’ll be within a shout of snapping up this opportunity. In fact,... (more...)

Can You Fall in Love More Than Once??

Posted by Goat On September - 15 - 20121 COMMENT

I remember the first time I fell in love…it was 7 years ago when first took delivery of my Alfa Romeo 147.  I remember the day like it was yesterday. I took the day off from work and headed to the dealership, my brother and father in tow. When we arrived, we were greeted by the salesman and ushered across the showroom floor, to a car draped in a red Alfa Romeo car cover. I felt so excited I thought I was going to burst! I took a deep breath as the salesman began to remove the cover; luckily... (more...)


Posted by Stalliano On September - 14 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

When we were at Gerotek a couple of weeks back, experiencing the exhilaration and mind-blowing abilities of the Alfa’s on the skid-pan and around the oval, you can well imagine that we didn’t have as much time as we would have liked to capture all the events on camera! Even so,  the guys from Adrenaline Driving Academy had arranged for a rather talented photographer to work behind the scenes. His ability to capture some of the most beautiful Italian machines ever made, in a uniquely... (more...)